Our Mission

With its innate charm and reverence for style, Covetear is an ode to modernity: Effortlessly chic, functionally refined and made to last.

Enter the Covetear Universe.

Born from a philosophy that even an ordinary day can be a sartorial statement, Covetear offers a contemporary piercing service and highly wearable jewellery that becomes the catalyst for creative expression and a portal to self-identity.



Who We Are.

We are a collective of connoisseurs and creatives reimagining the concept of ear piercing through brand experience, spirited style and sophisticated rebellion.

What We Do.

We offer an in-studio experience like no other, coupled with consciously created, functionally refined and sartorially striking jewellery that instils confidence and empowers self expression.

How We Do It.

Through unstoppable creativity, irreverent authenticity, steadfast standards and an unwavering commitment to the planet.

Why We Do It.

To provide a catalyst for creative expression and a portal to self-identity, paving the way for people to live as the fullest expression of themselves.