Plan Your Ear Stack.

Scroll through our Style Guide to find an ear vibe that suits you, look to the latest curated ear trends, or find inspiration in unlikely places. Everyone’s own ear anatomy is unique, so it helps to keep an open mind and leave some room to play it by ear.


Find Your Jewellery.

What do you want your ear stack to say about you? From cult faves and classic core to modern glam and refined elegance, our collection of jewellery has something for every curated ear lover. Get inspired online or see the collection instore.


Book Your Appointment.

Now that you’ve chosen your adornments, it’s time to adorn. Book an appointment with one of our talented piercers to bring your dream look to life. We are currently taking appointments at our Gold Coast flagship store, with more locations coming soon.


Getting Pierced With Us.

Our modern studios are designed to give you the most relaxing piercing experience possible. Any pain is minimal and quick (and worth it), and our talented piercers are there to answer all your questions: before, during and after your session.