These Celebs Have Got Serious Stacking Game

March 2023
Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence do not shy away from a needle. Both featuring Conch, Tragus, and a plethora of Helix designs. Scar-jo has over nine piercings in her left ear – so she prefers dainty, complementary pieces. Both are fans of the “cascading effect”, often pairing dangly, statement pieces on the lower lobe – with smaller, more refined jewels climbing up the ear. Neither subscribe to the symmetrical look, mixing it up with different piercing placements in each ear.

Let it be known, curating a seriously stylish ear-scape (it's a thing, promise) requires a great level of skill and attention to detail. When it comes to designing your perfect piercing situ, balance is key. Over the years, you may have amassed more piercings than you care to remember, and so, a little thoughtful curation might be in order. And what better way to get those creative juices flowing than by checking out some of our current favourite celebrity ear-scapes for inspiration.

It does not take much to elevate a look, it only takes a few very on-point finishing touches, and these celebrities learned how to do that best with stunning piercing combinations that make them instantly stand out. It is about giving a fresh take on what every day adornment can look like, and being the fashion icons that they are, they are happy to push the envelope. So, here's a list of celebrities with Pinterest-worthy piercings and on-point stacks.


Zoe Kravitz is a piercing fiend. A fan of arranging multiple earrings in asymmetric, aesthetically pleasing patterns, she has at least six piercings in her left ear: including Daith, Tragus, High Lobe, and Parallel Lobe. On an interview with Seth Meyers, the actress and Lolawolf front woman revealed that her passion for getting pierced is something that was with her since she was 12, so much so that her mother, Lisa Bonet, got her a professional piercer for her birthday party. Today, Kravitz has an endless collection of earrings which she stacks to pull off her signature look that is pretty much synonymous with the talented actress and musician.

The Queen B has opted for a climbing piercing pattern. Ranging from the Lobe to the Helix, this stacked look frames the face when standing head-on. She also has on numerous occasions, favoured cascading sized hoops down the ear. If over six piercings is good enough for Beyonce, then…
Rhianna working the earscaping trend to perfection, sporting climbing piercings ranging from her Lobe to Cartilage. Featuring a Tragus, Helix and multiple High Lobe piercings. The songstress and beauty-mogul also has a minimum of four piercings in her right ear, including a Conch piercing.
Supermodel Gigi Hadid has three piercings that travel to her High Lobe. 

Teyana Taylor's triple cartilage piercing is the perfect amount of edge.


Bella Hadid favours the asymmetrical look, with piercings going all the way up her left ear. 


Ok, we know we have included her twice – but WHO CARES. The actress was one of the first major celebs to jump on the asymmetrical trend. Choosing teeny Parallel Lobe and Tragus piercings on one ear and High Lobe and Conch piercings on the other.

'When it comes to designing your perfect piercing situ, balance is key'

Ultimately, the most important thing is to be deliberate about what you plan for your individual look. If you are going with an asymmetric design, as long as it is deliberate and both ears look quite different, the effect is interesting and artistic. Same note with symmetry: creating a completely even and balanced appearance on both the left and right ears is a challenge since our ears are not symmetrical, however when professionally styled the look is elegant and inspiring.

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