Circular Piercing Experience.

At Covetear, taking care of the planet is as important to us as well-curated ears. We therefore always encourage you to re-use your old Covetear jewellery. The correct appointment for this service is The Circular Piercing Experience. The price includes a new sterile 14K Gold Post and the Sterilisation of your pendant attachment.


Which Parts are Re-Used?

We only re-use the front piece (pendant) of your piercing jewellery. Do not bring your back piece (the post) to the appointment as it will not be used. You will be pierced with a new sterile post that is fitted to your new piercing specifically.


Important. Very Important.

1. You must clean the front piece (pendant) in hot water and baking soda. If you bring this jewellery part to the appointment with build-up of any kind, we will not be able to re-use the part and you will need to rebook your appointment. 2. You need to bring in the piercing jewellery for sterilisation a minimum of 3 hours before your appointment.