Virtual Styling

Can't make it to a Covetear Studio - we are only a video call away. Level up your ear game with our virtual ear styling experience, where one of our piercing experts bring the perfect stack right to your screen.
Ear Curation, wherever you are.

Not everyone can make it to our studios, so we've created a virtual experience that's as personalised as our in-store consultations. Our piercing experts will guide you through a virtual journey of self-expression, discussing your style preferences and helping you curate a stack that's guaranteed to turn heads. You'll have access to our complete collection, from sleek studs to bold hoops. With their expert advice and attention to detail, our piercing experts will virtually create a masterpiece on your ear, ensuring a look that's effortlessly cool and uniquely you.

From studio, to your doorstep.
  • First book a virtual styling consultation at a time that suits you.
  • Our ear-curation experts will take you through a curated collection of piercing jewellery that best suits your style.
  • Once you have decided on how you will stack, we will assist you on purchasing online or virtually from the studio.
  • For new piercings, our jewellery is delivered CERTIFIED STERILISED meaning you can consult with your local piercer for new piercings using your Covetear.
  • For existing piercings, simply unbox, following our How-To-Wear instructions and shine away.