Piercing Pricing

Whether you're after the essentials, want a personalised ear stack, or to visit the studio for some expert advice, Covetear piercing service options ensure there is something for everyone, no matter what stage of the piercing journey you are at.

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Piercing Fee

1. The Simple Piercing Experience - 20 minutes
1 piercing, 1 person
This is not your first rodeo. If you’re someone who knows what you like, have consulted with one of our experts or pre-selected your design – then this is for you.
Piercing fee: $60
Does not include jewellery or aftercare products. Piercing jewellery not included: 14K gold prices start at $130

2. The Deluxe Piercing Experience - 45 minutes
1-2 piercings, 1 person
Stack it up. If you require a trusted piercing master to style your dream look or it is simply your first time, our experts will work with you to create a bespoke design with the highest level of artistry.
Piercing fee: $80, Includes aftercare product. Piercing jewellery not included: 14K gold prices start at $130

3. The Ear Curation Experience - 60 minutes
3-4 piercings, 1 person
From dainty stacks to stunning sculptural pieces – our master curators will bring your vision to life and capture your authentic personal style in a way that is truly elevated and unique. The Ear Curation Experience is the one for you if you want a more thoughtful and sophisticated approach.
Piercing fee: $100, Includes aftercare product. Piercing jewellery not included: 14K gold prices start at $130

4. The Together Experience - 60 minutes
Up to 2 piercings per person, 2 people
Those that pierce together, glow together. For lovers, family or friends – share this experience with that special someone and let Covetear take care of everything.
Group piercing fee: $150, Includes aftercare product. Piercing jewellery not included: 14K gold prices start at $130

5. Nose Piercing - 45 minutes
1 piercing, 1 person
Our master piercers will work with absolute precision and care, ensuring the utmost quality and beautiful results.
*Please note, unfortunately, we do not offer septum piercings at this time.
Piercing fee: $70, Includes aftercare product.Piercing jewellery not included: 14K gold prices start at $130


Covetear jewellery prices start at $130 AUD.

Covetear jewellery is made from hypoallergenic Fairtrade 14K gold, Lab-Grown Diamonds and ethically sourced natural gems. The collections are designed in Australia, and handcrafted by global manufacturers who are accredited members of the Responsible Jewelry Council (the RJC) - a global body that oversees the ethical sourcing, mining and employment standards for the international jewellery manufacturing industry.


The moment has finally come.

Your initial piercing is fitted with a longer threaded post to allow for swelling, which differs from person to person. When the swelling has gone and your new piercing is healing as expected, we are able to install a shorter post that ensures the earring sits close to the skin at the front and back of the ear.

Downsizing is usually possible between 6-8 weeks.

Downsizing is an important part of the healing process and will provide added comfort and wearability. If it’s time to change it up, then the Downsizing Appointment is for you.

Your first downsize is included in your $40 appointment fee (per piercing).
Additional 14k Gold downsizes are discounted at $35 each (RRP $65).

Styling Consultations

Styling Consultations are complimentary, always.

Aftercare Appointments

Aftercare appointments are complimentary, always.

For any further enquiries, or you can’t find what you are looking for please reach out to us:

Pricing Example
Piercing Jewellery
Piercing Fee with Aftercare
Down size / Change of back piece
Total price

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Pricing example
Piercing Jewellery
Piercing Fee Aftercare
Downsize Post
Total price