Covetear creates jewellery that you can wear every day and treasure forever. For us, true artistry means timeless pieces made from high-quality materials, with the planet and its people in mind. You no longer have to wait until your piercing heals to wear something you love. Below, are the steps we take to ensure our wearable ear art is as light on your conscience as it is on your lobes.

Expertly crafted with sustainability in mind.

Concious Suppliers.

Covetear is committed to creating meaningful relationships with suppliers who are positively impacting mining communities. We only work with suppliers who comply with the highest environmental and most humane standards.

Consciously crafted jewellery designed for timeless wearability.
Pieces that you can carry with you — longevity for both you and the planet.

Responsible Materials.

Our unwavering commitment to sustainable, ethical practices is evident in our exclusive use of responsibly manufactured lab grown diamonds. These ethically-sourced alternatives aren’t just better for the planet, they eliminate the need for mining altogether.

Our lab grown diamonds possess the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as those extracted from the earth, without any of the conflicts or ethical concerns associated with some diamond mines. Lab grown diamonds are every bit as authentic as those mined from the earth. In fact, these diamonds often surpass natural diamonds in quality due to the precise control of the manufacturing process and continuous monitoring.

Considered Packaging.

All of our jewellery arrives to you in Covetear packaging that has been developed with the future in mind. 99% of our packaging is recyclable or compostable. The remaining 1% we have made damn sure that it is functional beyond your unboxing. Reusable packages containing showstopping pieces? Win, win.

Recycle, Recycle.

By recycling gold wherever possible, we aim to reduce our environmental impact. This not only eliminates the need to mine new resources, but it also decreases the carbon footprint of each piece of jewellery we make. We use a blend of 100% ethically sourced Fairtrade 14K gold and recycled gold.

The use of Fairtrade gold is an essential step towards eradicating conflict minerals from the gold-chain supply and ending discrimination, illegal practices, and unsafe working conditions. We also aim to minimise waste in our operations by recycling any returned or defective materials, promoting a circular economy throughout the gold supply chain.


We hero traceability in our creation process and continuously establish better frameworks and processes to improve the traceability of our materials. Partnering with a female-owned and led manufacturer certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council reinforces our commitment to best practices in OH&S, human rights, fair labour, governance, and environmental protection.

Our partner produces hand-finished quality products while prioritising safe working conditions, staff development, and social accountability. Additionally, it supports local charities to benefit and give back to the community. This is exactly the kind of company we’re proud to align with.

Holistic Approach.

At every stage of our production process, we prioritise sustainability, social responsibility, and community support. Our manufacturing process upholds ethical, traceable, and responsible practices to ensure that our products are produced with the utmost respect for human rights and the environment.

Additionally, our piercing studios feature energy-friendly, paperless systems that reduce our carbon footprint while providing an enhanced customer experience. For us, a holistic approach is the only approach.