The 411 On Piercing Your Child's Ears

June 2024
Most of us will remember the first time we ever got our ears pierced. For some, it was after a long negotiation with our parents, and for many – it took place in a pharmacy or shopping mall with a gun and a limited offering of very large, albeit not so cute studs to choose from.

Times have changed, and now with every generation self-expression begins developing at a younger age. Celebrating our children’s identity is at the heart of being a parent. However, now, there are just as luxurious, safe and beautiful experiences for children as there are for adults. At Covetear, we offer a reimagining of this special, coming-of-age moment. One that is warm, comfortable, and safe – and just as inviting to the parents or caregivers as the child.


There is also the debate of gun vs. needle, and what is most appropriate for a child? Well, we have that covered. Guns can carry harmful bacteria and are not sterilised like a needle. We also assume that a needle may hurt more, however, when performed by a professional piercer – this simply isn’t the case. Most professionals will favour the use of a piercing needle over a gun citing precision and safety.

It should also be noted that the Association of Professional Piercers does not endorse the use of piercing guns and prohibits its users from piercing with the mechanism. Experts advise against piercing guns because of a few different concerns. First, the APP contends that reusable piercing guns can expose clients to blood-borne pathogens because of their inability to be autoclaved. An autoclave is a small machine that uses heat, steam, and pressure to sterilise any instrument that isn’t single-use — but piercing guns are plastic, so wouldn’t hold up against the heat of an autoclave.

Further, piercing guns can cause significant tissue damage because, instead of a precise entry with a sharp needle, it’s the stud that’s being forced through the tissue. It’s using blunt force trauma. With a gun, a stud earring that’s about the sharpness of a thumbtack is being forced through your earlobe, so, that action is essentially tearing through your ear and not cutting through your ear, as a needle does.

A piercing gun will also likely cause swelling, be more painful, and take longer to heal than a needle piercing. Because needles allow for more precision, you get more control over your piercing placement. With a piercing gun, however, there’s a greater likelihood of having earlobe holes that don’t exactly line up, especially if you’re getting pierced by someone without a ton of experience.

'At Covetear, we offer a reimagining of this special, coming-of-age moment'

Our piercing masters are experts at what they do. Together, you and your little one can choose from an array of ethically produced and stunning jewellery that will not end up being replaced or thrown out, but cherished for years to come. Furthermore, our team provides complimentary Aftercare appointments to ensure the comfort, healing and well-being of your child.

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