10 Celebrity Ear Curations (That You Can Get Too)

Are you wanting to add a little sparkle to your ears, but not sure where to start? With so many to choose from, navigating all the different piercing trends can be overwhelming at times. That's why at Covetear, we love to seek inspiration from like-minded people. Daring artists and style trailblazers.

These celebrities have always been at the forefront of setting trends, and one area where their influence shines is in the realm of piercings. From intricate ear stacks to bold facial adornments, these celebrities use piercings as a canvas for self-expression and style. So, if you've been looking for some piercing-inspo, here are a few celebrity curations we have been absolutely obsessed with, and that you can easily replicate.

kaia gerber

Kaia, being of style royalty, is naturally going to opt for a subtle yet chic curation.

Her double helix, situated in the middle of her ear is the perfect edgy yet tasteful addition to her look.

Coupled with her first and second lobes piercings, her ear is beautifully balanced. This look is perfect for those who perfer a minimalist look.

Thylane Blondeau

This french beauty clearly loves piercings as much as we do. With unique curations on each of her ears, Thylane’s ear candy is enviable to say the least. On her right ear, we can see a double helix, both fitted with clicker rings.

Her two helix piercings are positioned one on top of the other. Her lobes, however, are anything but traditional. Along with having first, second and third lobe piercings on both sides, she also has a stacked lobe on her right side that is positioned neatly above the first and second. On top of all of those, she has her high lobe pierced, adorned with a dainty stud.

Florence Pugh

Pugh is often seen sporting a dainty Clicker Ring in her Septum. Septums are superb piercings for those who like to don an edgier look, but need to keep it conservative at work or school, as they are easily hidden.

Along with her Septum, Flo adorns three Flat Piercings: two stacked to form a Vertical Love Bite, and the other positioned right above her Rook area, creating a Faux Rook. Faux Rooks are a great alternative if you do not possess the correct anatomy for a Traditional Rook Piercing. Traditional Rooks are also one of the more arduous ear piercings you can get, therefore Faux Rooks offer a less painful alternative.

Emma Stone

Piercings can say as much about your style as the clothes you wear. Emma is the ultimate cool girl in Hollywood, so of course her piercings reflect that. She has numerous Helix Piercings artfully scattered over her ears, creating an effortless yet elevated look.

If you are thinking of venturing beyond Traditional Lobe Piercings, helix piercings are a fantastic starting point. As the Helix (the anatomical name for the external rim of your ear) is quite large, your placement possibilities are endless! Emma, for instance, has one Lower Helix, positioned right above her lobe, and one right up the top of her ear.