Studio standards

At Covetear, our mission is to offer a reimagining of your piercing experience. That's why we have meticulously crafted every aspect of our studio to create an atmosphere that is truly extraordinary.

Welcome to our World.

Our studio is designed with state-of-the-art facilities to create a safe, inspiring and luxurious environment. Every step of your piercing experience is treated with expert care, the utmost safety and attention to detail. This is to ensure minimal risks of complications and that your new piercings are of the highest quality.

Our hygiene processes are painstakingly perfected and our expert piercers are utterly devoted to safe, effective and precise practices. 
The Pure Method.

We adopt the “Pure Method” of piercing – a completely sterile process to reduce any risk of contamination, using only sterile instruments, dressings and single use latex-free gloves. The sterilisation process is taken very seriously at Covetear. We use an Autoclave to sterilise all our non-disposable tools, forceps, jewellery, insertion tapers and any other piercing related instruments.

Certified Piercers.

Our certified piercers only work with single-use, high-quality needles, ensuring the highest level of standards. We use sterile, single-use skin preparation, with sealed contaminated tool disposal and hospital-grade disinfectant and our piercing rooms are designed to prevent cross-contamination, ensuring that your safety always comes first.

Gold Standard Care.

Before, during and after your piercing, we care. Your successful piercing journey is our reason for being, and we will be with you every step of the way. We offer practical and sensible styling advice, a considered and professional piercing procedure, and clear and concise aftercare advice.

Product care

When it comes to caring for your Covetear jewellery, proper maintenance is key to preserving its beauty and longevity. By following our care tips, your coveted jewellery will continue to radiate sophistication and charm for years to come.

Covetear is an ode to modernity: Effortlessly chic, functionally refined and made to last. 

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Caring For Your Jewellery.

14K Gold Care

14k gold is the perfect metal for piercing jewellery. It's stronger and more durable than 18K Gold . It's also hypoallergenic so it can be worn everyday without tarnishing or oxidising. While 14K gold will last a lifetime, it does require care to maintain its shine.

To maintain the shine of your 14K jewellery, first immerse your pieces in a warm water bath to dislodge any build up. Then gently clean it with a soft-bristled brush or cloth using warm water and detergent-free soap. Do not use abrasives.

Diamond Care

We only use high grade Lab-Grown diamonds. This is a conscious decision in support of global environmental change.

Diamonds love to sparkle, so keeping them clean is important. While we recommend an Ultrasonic cleaner for all Diamond Jewellery, a few simple steps at home will keep your ears shining in between professional cleans.

Immerse your jewellery in medium-hot water to dislodge any build-up. For diamonds, you can add a detergent free soap, then clean gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush and pat dry with a soft cloth.

Even though diamonds are tough, be mindful of wearing your precious gems during high-impact activity.

Pearls and Other Gemstones

Pearls and other gemstones are not as strong as Solid Gold and Diamonds, therefore we only recommend a medium-hot water soak and polishing with a soft cloth only. Do not use abrasives or detergents, and do not use Ultrasonic cleaners on Pearls.

For all other gemstones we recommend speaking with your local jeweller for cleaning advice.

Pearls in-particular can be sensitive to environmental factors, so when your pearls are not being worn, store them in a safe place. 

Tightening Your Piercing Jewellery

Internally Threaded Earrings are comfortable to wear everyday - so comfortable that you never need, or want, to take them out. To ensure your Covetear internally threaded earrings remain securely fastened in the ear, please follow these guidelines.

1. Your earring set is made up of a threaded pin attached to the front piece which screws into the open end of the post backing. The front piece should be gently inserted into the post and turned clockwise until it is fully inserted and no longer twists. You should not be able to see any of the pin attached to the front piece.

2. Like all screw mechanisms, your earring may become loose during everyday wear. Check your earring every few days and tighten (again twisting clockwise) if necessary.

3. Do not press or force the front of the earring into the post. This can destroy the delicate internal thread causing it to dislodge and become unsecured.

It is important to note that we do not replace lost jewellery. Following these guidelines will ensure your earrings are safely secured.

For more information on inserting, removing and the general care of your Covetear jewellery, please read our How To Wear Guide.

Care for your Covetear Intentionally.

1. Remove or gently tape your jewellery before doing any high-impact activity that could cause physical damage or loss.

2. When not being worn, store your jewellery in a safe, dry place to protect it from environmental elements. 

3. For threaded earrings, we recommend cleaning the parts and drying prior to storage. The natural build up from everyday wear can damage metals and stones over time if left.

Repairs & warranty

All Covetear products have been inspected by our Quality Control team at the point of manufacture, and by our Customer Care staff before shipping. However, from time to time, there may be a rare fault. We are committed to getting that bling back in your ear.

12 Months. Worry Free.

Each piece of Covetear jewellery comes with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty, adding an extra sprinkle of peace of mind.

So, if you encounter any unexpected twists or turns within that period, know we've got your back. We are ready to fix or replace your precious pieces. Let our warranty be your secret style confidant, ensuring your gems stay as dazzling as ever, forever.

Note: While we guarantee our jewellery, we unfortunately do not extend our 12 month warranty to cover general wear & tear, loss or accidental damage. Please make sure you have read our Warranty & Repairs Policy before submitting a claim.

Warranty & Repairs 101.

To make a Warranty Claim:

  1. Lodge a return via our Return Portal.
  2. Enter your order details.
  3. Select the item(s) you would like to return and tick the relevant boxes.
  4. Select Item Is Faulty as the reason for return.
  5. Include 3-4 images of the fault.
  6. Read our Return Policy and confirm to agree.
  7. Your return will be submitted as a pending request. We will then email you via email with the next steps within 1-2 business days.