Kid's Piercing

Our piercing experts will make sure your little one feels comfortable, confident and empowered to express their creativity throughout the entire piercing process. This is a special rite of passage and a chance to showcase their personal style in bold new ways. Let Covetear help to create a truly memorable coming-of-age experience. 

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The Experience

We understand when it’s your first piercing, nerves can get the better of you. Our certified piercing experts are trained to provide a safe AND celebratory piercing experience for our mini-me's.

The Experience

Treat your child to a VIP Ear Curation Experience. Our piercing experts will help your child choose their perfect earrings, and once the piercing is complete, they will walk away with a Covetear Keep Box, Tote Bag and Bravery Certificate to keep forever.

Double Piercing Method

We do not provide the double piercing method as we believe it compromises the integrity and accurate placement of the piercing. Your child must be comfortable with needle piercing with one expert.

Piercing Fee

Kids Single Lobe Piercing - 8 years and over.

1 Piercing, 1 Child

Fee: $160 includes 1 x 14k internally threaded Sphere Stud* aftercare product and a complimentary follow-up appointment.

Kids Twin Lobe Piercing - 8 years and over.

2 Piercings, 1 Child

Fee: $280 includes 1 x PAIR of 14k internally threaded Sphere Stud* aftercare product and a complimentary follow-up appointment.


You may upgrade your child's jewellery to another attachment from the collection, and simply pay the difference between the included jewellery and your new selection.

Follow Up Appointments


Our expert piercers will provide you and your child with a copy of our Covetear Aftercare Guide, and NeilMed spray, the gold standard in piercing care.

Follow Up Appointment

We recommend a follow up appointment at 6-8 weeks, at which time we can consider downsizing your child's post. For piercings that are healing as expected - you can book a downsizing appointment, or a complimentary aftercare appointment at anytime for a quick check up and to anser any questions you may have.


What jewellery is included in the piercing fee?

The single and double lobe piercing fee includes our signature 2mm or 3mm sphere. Your child may upgrade to any attachment and you simply pay the difference between the included jewellery and the new selection.

What jewellery would you recommend for a child's first lobe piercing?

We recommend a threaded stud. Our curators can offer assistance in choosing the right piece.

When can my child change their jewellery?

Our Aftercare and Healing recommendations are the same for children and adults. For lobes, a minimum of 12 weeks is recommended.

What if my child needs to take their earring out for sport or school before the end of the recommended healing time?

We carry sterile Bioplast retainers that are safe to wear for most sports and almost invisible. We recommend booking a complimentary aftercare appointment where we can assess the new piercing, and change over to the retainer if the piercing has healed enough.

Things To Know


We are unable to offer Walk-In appointments for children's piercings. Children's piercing services must be booked ahead of time to ensure we can offer the right atmosphere for your child and to allow us to create a fun and memorable experience for you both.

Age Requirements

Your child must be 8 years and above.

Your child must be able to listen and understand what the piercer is saying, follow simple instructions and understand the fact that they are going to be pierced with needles.

They must be able to sit on the bed by themselves (without being held or on someone’s lap).

Identification Requirements

To proceed with ear piercing for children under 16, parents must accompany their child to the piercing appointment and provide valid Photo Identification. Legal Guardians may also provide consent on presentation of a guardianship order/court order together with an ID of the child (birth certificate or passport), to confirm the child’s name is the same child named in the guardianship order. The legal guardian needs to also provide photo ID to confirm that they are the nominated legal guardian named on the guardianship order/court order.

How old does my child have to be to get a cartilage piercing?

At Covetear, you must be 15 years or older to get a cartilage piercing.

Need more help before booking?

Our customer care team can assist. Contact us on Live Chat and we will connect you with our Children's Piercing Experts.

We only pierce with needles.

Our experienced piercers understand the anxiety that can accompany the process of piercing with needles, and take extra measures to ensure your child feels at ease. The extra effort is worth it.

When it comes to piercing children's ears, opting for needles over guns has many benefits. Needle piercing allows for greater precision and control during the piercing process. Our piercers have the expertise to carefully position the piercing, taking into consideration the child's ear anatomy and ensuring the placement is ideal now, and into the future.

The needle method reduces the chances of tissue damage or trauma, allowing the piercing to heal faster and with less discomfort. It also gives our piercing experts flexibility to choose appropriate earring sizes, accommodating the child's age and earlobe thickness.

Kid’s Earrings