Time for a New Look.

You love your Ear Stack, but it's time to refresh. Our piercing experts love to pierce, but they also love to curate a whole new look with existing piercing holes. We have new collections dropping every few weeks, so make a wishlist and when you can't stand the urge any longer, book a Virtual or In-Store Styling Appointment.


Book a Styling Session

Our styling sessions are complimentary and well worth the time. Take a personalised journey through our classic and new collections, and let us suggest combinations that suit your style - and lifestyle.


Always Come Prepared.

We can restyle your existing jewellery and compliment it with new exciting pieces. Please remove and wash your jewellery at home in hot water and a pinch of baking soda, before coming in to the studio. Depending on your piercing holes' stage of healing, we may need to sterilise your jewellery, which can take up to 45 minutes.


Let us Work Our Magic.

You're inspired and we're ready to make this happen. Walk out of our studio with a whole new ear game - knowing that your adornments have been installed professionally, with the correct size posts and you have given your ears the VIP treatment they deserve.