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14K White Gold Petit Diamond Set

14K White Gold Petit Diamond Set

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14K White Gold / 3 Piece Set / Save 10% at Checkout

The Perfect Size

Piercing is an Artform, and a Work In Progress. Choosing the right post length at the right stage of your piercing journey is paramount to healing success, comfort and ultimately 100% style satisfaction.

Fitting Guide 

As a general rule, 8mm posts are required for new piercings, and 5-6mm is the perfect size for healed piercings. Use the guide and table below to help choose which post is right for you. Unsure? Our team of experts are available to provide advice and ensure you find the perfect fit. 


Post Length (mm)
Post Length (mm)
Classic Lobe 7-8mm 5mm
Stacked Lobe 8mm 5mm
Upper/High Lobe 7-8mm 5mm
Helix 8mm 5mm
Forward Helix
7-8mm 4-5mm
Catflap 7-8mm
Conch 8-10mm 5mm
Tragus 8mm 4-5mm

Diamond Petit Trilogy Earring (Size)
Diamond Petit Duo Earring (Size)
Diamond Petit Solitaire Earring (Size)
Product Information
Product Information

A classic, minimal Diamond Earring Set that will beautifully adorn your ear stack. A treasured choice for new and existing piercings, including our three best-selling Diamond Petit Earrings - the Solitaire, Duo and Trilogy.

These Earrings are designed to last - VS Grade Lab Grown Diamonds, 14K Fairtrade Gold and Comfortable Flatbacks - designed and made to be worn every day. 

This Earring Set is 1 piece each design. For a full pair of each earring, order 2 sets.

METAL: 14K Solid White Gold (Fairtrade) PENDANT SIZE: 2mm-6mm  POST SIZE: 18g/1mm GEMSTONES: Lab-Grown Diamonds (Colour D, Grade VS) STONE SIZE: 2mm TOTAL CARAT: .03ct NUMBER OF GEMSTONES: 1-3 CLOSURE SYSTEM: Engineered Internally Threaded System For Piercings  PACKAGING: Certified Sterilised in Covetear Keep Box SKUCVTR0322W-SET



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Our jewellery is produced in very small quantities to protect our earth's resources and to avoid waste. In some cases our pieces are made-to-order. Your estimated shipping time will be available once your jewellery has been added to cart.

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Product Care
Product Care

Internally Threaded Earrings are comfortable to wear everyday - so comfortable that you never need, or want, to take them out. To ensure your Covetear internally threaded earrings remain securely fastened in the ear, please follow these guidelines.

1. Your earring set is made up of a threaded pin attached to the front piece which screws into the open end of the post backing. The front piece should be gently inserted into the post and turned clockwise until it is fully inserted and no longer twists. You should not be able to see any of the pin attached to the front piece.

2. Like all screw mechanisms, your earring may become loose during everyday wear. Check your earring every few days and tighten (again twisting clockwise) if necessary.

3. Do not press or force the front of the earring into the post. This can destroy the delicate internal thread causing it to dislodge and become unsecured.

It is important to note that we do not replace lost jewellery. Following these guidelines will ensure your earrings are safely secured.

For more information on inserting, removing and the general care of your Covetear jewellery, please read our How To Wear Guide.


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